When your search for just the right power bank is all-encompassing, arduous and primordial, and you have finally landed at pucipower.com, you will immediately see that the mirror display power bank is just the answer you were looking for. With 8000 mAh power, dual USB output, dual lamps, mirror digital display, automatic overcharge protection and the stylish look of this power bank, you have every right to be overwhelmed. Because, this is a truly sexy power bank, and it was designed to be just that . . . SEXY.


Don't let exaggerated claims jeopardize your charging power.


Who says a power bank can't be stylish and sexy? Get both with puciPOWER.


Not sold in stores or on television, or by phone. Get your power bank here at puciPOWER.com.


why choose pucipower

The puciPOWER designer brand line of high end power banks offers true mAh ratings. This product is specially designed and manufactured according to strict performance standards. Each power bank is tried and tested in rigorous conditions to perform at ultimate power, speed and consistency. 

By ordering large manufacturing volumes, puciPOWER is able to price products in the most advantageous customer pricing structure while offering high-end products. Also, the product is manufactured in one color only, thereby also reducing cost to the consumer. At our sole discretion we may change the color in any given month in order to offer more variety, while still maintaining our low prices. 

Our product is shipped from Canada, and we absorb the cost of shipping, which is FREE AT ALL TIMES in Brantford. In some cases, the total cost of our product is less than the shipping charges of other suppliers (Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay, etc.).

Using our local supply facility insures timely postal delivery reliant only on our Canadian postal service which is rated among the highest in the world in speed, pricing and efficiency.

PuciPOWER offers strict and advantageous return policies as well as guaranteed product performance guarantees. Each order is processed confidentially while maintaining the strictest https standards. Client information is secure, offering client peace of mind in the knowledge that client data is protected. 

With monthly sales available from the 13th to the 20th of each month, the product sells out each month in record time. Sale pricing is only available on orders placed within these timeframes and while quantities last.

We do NOT CHARGE for support and updates of our service. Pucipower is a customer-is-always-right company that puts superior customer service at the epicenter of our business model. Our support is FOREVER-FREE, FAST (within 1 business day) and EFFICIENT.
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